Spring/Summer 2016

Invasive Pests Update

Southern Pine Beetle


Until recently, the Southern Pine Beetle was never found beyond the pine forests of the American South because it could not survive cold winters. But warmer winters in the northeast have allowed them to migrate to our region.


The Southern Pine Beetle was first discovered in New Jersey in 2002 and seen in Long Island, New York in the fall of 2014. It has destroyed thousand of trees since. Several thousand more trees have been chopped down intentionally in an effort to limit their spread. Scientists believe that the Southern Pine Beetle could destroy pitch pine, white pine, red pine, hemlock and spruce trees, and forests, on the Eastern Seaboard as it travels farther north.


The adult beetle enters a tree through crevices in the bark and then creates S-shaped tunnels in the cambium tissue, just beneath the bark. This disrupts the flow of nutrients, killing the tree in typically 2-4 months.


Signs of infestations include:

  • Pitch tubes or popcorn-shaped resin on the exterior of the bark
  • Shotgun patterned holes in the exterior of the bark
  • S-shaped tunnels under the bark


Call your arborist if you notice these signs in your trees.

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Letter from the CEO


I believe most will attest that it has been another abnormal weather season these past several months. Very dry conditions last fall, with below normal snowfall amounts this winter as well as rainfall deficits this spring have us in moderate to severe drought conditions. As the summer heat is now in full swing, it has only intensified the challenges in our landscapes. (more)

Prune Shrubs in Summer!

Early summer is one of the best times to prune most shrubs. We focus on reducing, thinning, shaping and rejuvenation hand pruning techniques to provide a controlled but natural form appropriate for the species and location. Almstead arborists are very knowledgeable about pruning cycles for various shrubs.

Contact us for a program that is specific to your landscape.

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Flowering trees and shrubs require specially timed pruning to look their best in bloom. They may require pruning in Spring, Summer, or Fall. Ask your arborist about creating a schedule.



Tree Risk Assessment

Summer storms can wreak havoc on trees with preexisting structural problems. Have your landscape assessed before the storm season kicks in to prevent unnecessary and costly damage to your property.



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