Spring/Summer 2017

In This Issue:

Almstead Around Town

It was another successful Earth Day and Arbor Day at Almstead this year! Our participation included events in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut... (more)

Tree Disease Alert: Oak Wilt Disease and Bacterial Leaf Scorch

Oak wilt disease is a devastating disease capable of killing maturing oaks in only a few weeks. Outbreaks of the disease have been recently confirmed in Brooklyn and Long Island.... (more)

Best Lawn Care Practices: Creating & Maintaining a Beautiful Lawn

Having a beautiful lawn requires paying attention to it. There are some important dynamics that are involved in creating and maintaining a lush, green turf... (more)

Letter from the CEO


We have all been waiting to spend time in our yards this year. If you have a plant health care and lawn care contract with us, you’re well on your way to a beautiful and healthy landscape in 2017. If you haven’t renewed it yet, there’s still time to perform the essential services for the rest of the year. Once you have the basics in place, please reach out to your arborist for expert advice on management and improvements... (more)

Alert: It's Time To Be Ticked Off!

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All in a Day’s Work: Saving a beehive in a felled tree

What do you do when a tree you’re about to take down has a large beehive in it? Dan Dalton and the Almstead crew preserved a beehive in a tree in Pelham, NY, and moved it to its new home in Sandy Hook, CT... (more)

Invasive Pests Update

The Southern Pine Beetle (SPB) has expanded from New Jersey to Long Island and further north into Connecticut. It is an aggressive bark beetle that invades pine trees, hemlocks and spruces. The adult beetle enters a tree through crevices in the bark and then creates S-shaped tunnels in the cambium tissue, just beneath the bark. This disrupts the flow of nutrients, killing the tree in typically 2-4 months.


Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) is another invasive pest that continues to wipe out trees in our region. It is a metallic green insect that only attacks ash trees. It feeds on the layer of the tree just under the bark and prevents the movement of life-sustaining sugar, water and nutrients through the tree. Most trees die within 2-4 years after being infested with EAB. If you haven’t yet identified and qualified ash trees that are worthy of preservation with your arborist, do not delay any longer.


Gypsy Moth Caterpillars are also destroying trees in our region. These voracious leaf eaters are capable of defoliating a tree very quickly which can lead to the death of the tree.



Almstead offers treatment options to protect trees from these pests. Please contact your arborist for more information or a free consultation.

Awards: Almstead Receives TCIA Professional Communications Award

Earlier this year, Almstead was awarded a Professional Communications Award from the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA) in the “Flyers/Postcards/Ads” category.... (more)

Almstead Arborist

Dan Dalton is an arborist, educator, public speaker and recognized expert on trees, shrubs and lawns — as well as on the pests and diseases that afflict them in our region. He has been an arborist at Almstead since 2011 and is one of the senior arborists and mentors at our New Rochelle branch... (more)

Experts predict that the tick population will be high this year. Almstead provides safe and effective tick (and mosquito) control for your property. We offer a range of treatment options, including organic programs. Our arborists and technicians are licensed experts and understand how to make your property less hospitable to these dangerous insects.

Trees to Consider:

Bald Cypress

Bald cypress is a unique tree that is often mistaken for an evergreen. It is not a true cypress at all but is actually in the same plant family as the sequoias or giant redwoods... (more)

Places To Visit:

Governors Island

Governors Island is a 172-acre island in Upper New York Bay, approximately 800 yards from the southern tip of Manhattan... (more)

In The Field

The Empty Sky Memorial at Liberty State Park, NJ

The Almstead crew performed air spading, root collar excavations, and vertical mulching at the Grove Of Remembrance.



Lower Westchester County, NY and New York City

58 Beechwood Ave, New Rochelle, NY 10801



Upper Westchester (North of I-287)

15 Broadway, Hawthorne, NY 10532



Fairfield County, Connecticut

80 Lincoln Avenue, Stamford CT 06902



Bergen & Passaic Counties, NJ

504 High Mountain Road, North Haledon, NJ 07508



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