Tree Doctor

It’s common knowledge that prevention is the best medicine—and that goes for trees and shrubs too. Unfortunately, we often feel like ER doctors for trees when we’re called to a property for the first time. Once a plant is exhibiting symptoms noticeable to an untrained eye, it is often either too late to save it, or treatments are more costly than they would have been earlier on.

For this reason, one of the most valuable services we offer our clients are expert visual ground inspections of their trees, shrubs and turf on an annual basis—and these inspections are completely complimentary.

As a property owner or steward, it is in your best interest to stay informed about the state of the health and safety of your landscape. We encourage you to schedule an inspection with your Almstead arborist to prepare your trees, shrubs and turf for the upcoming trials of winter and next year’s growing season.

To schedule an inspection, simply call your local Almstead office, or fill out the "contact us" form on the right side of this page.

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