Core Aeration

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Aerating creates space around roots to receive nutrients and water. When a lawn needs it, core aeration can make all the difference in a successful program.

Lawns in our area typically have a combination of soil types: primarily clay and silt, but also loam, sand, gravel, and rock. Heavy clay soils, and soils with heavy foot or equipment traffic, are especially susceptible to compaction. When soil is compacted, the particles it is composed of are pressed together too tightly. This restricts the movement of oxygen, nutrients, and water to the turfs roots, resulting in a slow growing thin lawn. Since the flow of nutrients is decreased, turf grown in compacted soils can also quickly become vulnerable to drought, disease, and insect damage.

Aerating your lawn removes small cores of soil from the turf, allowing air, water, and nutrients to penetrate the soil. By creating an environment where air and water can move freely within the soil, we give beneficial, nutrient-producing microorganisms the opportunity to thrive. The result is a more self-sustaining environment that supports the growth of healthy grass from the roots up. Core aeration is a great benefit to any lawn care regimen, but it is an especially important supplement for our organic based and pure organic lawn care programs.

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