Mature Tree Preservation

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Often the most stunning elements of our landscapes, healthy mature trees are almost always worth the extra attention they require.

Well-preserved mature trees add irreplacable value to any property.

Many trees are capable of long outliving us, yet trees that live outside of forests often don't get the chance. Ecological conditions for trees in urban, suburban, and even rural environments are difficult, and a tree's ability to cope with stresses grows lower as it ages.

While young trees are composed of mostly vibrant living tissue, mature trees are mostly established wood, which cannot regenerate and needs relative stability to ensure survival. As a tree grows older, its immune system also weakens, becoming increasingly less tolerant of disturbances to its environment. As such, the two greatest assets to any mature tree are a healthy, low-impact ecological environment and the constant watchful eye of an expert. Catching and correcting any stresses facing a mature tree, from soil compaction over its roots to the arrival of a new insect, will help to extend its lifespan.

Mature trees often benefit greatly from organic soil and root care treatments.

The certified arborists employed at Almstead are highly trained in the very latest mature tree care methods. Using their extensive knowledge, they can help develop a program that creates healthy, sustainable environments for your mature trees: protecting them and allowing them to thrive.

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