Our double hammering process gives Almstead mulch a fine, uniform texture.

At Almstead we've been producing premium mulch utilizing green recycling practices since the early 1990's. By transforming organic waste wood and chips into beautiful, environmentally friendly mulch, we strive to return nature to where it belongs: nature.

For a product that has as many variables as mulch, it's important to find a supplier you can depend on. At Almstead, we've built our business on being a trustworthy source: starting with the consistent quality of our product. Made only from 100% all-natural shredded wood, Almstead mulch never contains construction or demolition debris, palettes, or other potentially contaminated materials. Our mulch is also aged and cooked to eliminate pathogens, double-hammered for texture, and is available in a variety of vibrant organically dyed colors.

As a manufacturer, we also have an abundant supply of mulch readily available to our clients throughout the season. Our sales staff is both knowledgeable and readily accessible: there to help you from point of sale through to delivery (and installation).

Playground Mulch

In addition to our standard premium mulch, Almstead manufactures playground mulch that is certified by the International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association (IPEMA). We work hard to ensure that this mulch makes an excellent play surface and adheres to the high safety standards enforced by IPEMA through inspections and tests. You can find Almstead Nursery & Mulch listed as a certified playground mulch manufacturer at their website,


Almstead's services go beyond production to delivery as well as installation. We have you covered whether you're a garden center needing to restock your supply, a landscaper wanting mulch delivered on site, or a business or homeowner looking for full service installation.

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