Organic Care

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Almstead’s Natural Approach to Landscape Care

In urban environments, human activity interferes with the natural processes that keep trees and shrubs healthy in forests (and grass healthy in plains areas). Lack of nutrients and compacted soils smother the aerobic organisms needed for a healthy landscape. The principle of organic care is to establish a well-aerated, biologically rich soil that benefits plants naturally.

Almstead's compost tea treatments provide the vital organisms needed for a healthy soil ecosystem. Brewed fresh daily from locally produced, top quality leaf and twig compost, our teas are concentrated extracts of the beneficial organisms that plants need in the soil.

One of the most effective elements of organic tree care is the elimination of soil compaction. There are several methods of aeration, all employing the Air Spade™, which utilizes compressed air to safely and efficiently break up difficult soil.

There are many organic controls available that effectively handle insect and disease problems. We utilize a range of safe and effective natural controls that are OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) approved as part of our organic care program.

More Organic Care Services

  • Custom natural soil amendments
  • Root collar corrections
  • Controlled beneficial insect release
  • Compost installation
  • Mulch installation
  • Organic Plant Health Care Monitoring programs
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Upper Westchester
Fairfield CT
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