Organic Pest and Disease Control

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Almstead utilizes many organic controls available that effectively handle insect and disease problems.

Biorational Controls and Organic Products

Often the safest treatment option, biorational controls are materials that occur organically in nature and also have controlling effects on pests. For instance, sodium bicarbonate, or baking soda, has been approved by the EPA as an effective control against some fungal diseases. We also utilize non-control organic products, including microorganisms (such as mycorrhizal type fungi, which form symbiotic relationships with roots that increase water and nutrient uptake for trees) and other larger organisms like earthworms, which enhance soil quality. For more information, ask your Certified Arborist which biorational and organic products will best benefit your property.

Cultural Practices

The purpose of any plant health care program should be to balance the use of controls with cultural practices, and ultimately reduce the need to rely on the application of controls to sustain plant health. The proper practice of techniques such as planting, watering, mulching, fertilizing, and pruning all aid in creating a beneficial environment for your plants. Control tactics are far more effective when we manage the environmental factors that govern soil biodiversity, plant health and pest populations.

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