Plant Health Care

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Effective Treatments for Healthier Trees and Shrubs

As arborists, almost every problem we deal with starts off on a small scale and can be easily detected by an expert in its early stages. At Almstead, we are proud to offer a comprehensive, year-round Plant Health Care program based on preventative care and early detection.

Plant health monitoring

During each monitoring visit, the technician assigned to a property inspects all of the trees and shrubs and spot treats for the conditions he encounters as necessary. He also leaves a detailed report of what plant material was treated and for which conditions.

Insect control

The controls we use for insect and disease problems, combined with our application methods, are both eco-friendly and effective. From horticultural oils to systemic injections, our Arborists and Plant Health Care Technicians will find the right solutions for your property.

Soil and rootcare

Nutrient deficiency is a gateway for disease and insect problems in plants. Our custom-tailored soil and root care applications increase tree and shrub health, strengthening their natural defenses.

More Plant Health Care Services

  • Deer and tick control applications
  • Specialty applications
  • Watering programs
  • Organic Plant Health Care
  • Winterburn protection
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