Specimen Planting

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The best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago. The second best time is now. - Proverb

Almstead has the equipment and knowledge necessary to successfully plant large and small trees.

The trees and shrubs we plant now have the potential to outlive us. It is important to practice proper care and maintenance, starting from the time they are planted, so that generations to come may enjoy safe and healthy trees. Whether you're seeking a replacement or adding to a landscape, consult with an Almstead arborist to find the right tree for your location and ensure that it's planted correctly.

We say a lot in the arboriculture industry that the best way to care for tree injuries is to prevent them from happening at all. Proper selection, placement and planting are three of the most important factors one should consider when planning the installation of a new tree. Choosing a non-native tree or a site with improper soil conditions or inadequate space for root and crown growth can lead to the premature death of a newly planted tree or shrub.

The following is a list of trees that have been found to grow well in our area given the climate conditions:

American Elm Kinnikinnick Sassafras
American Sycamore Kwanzan Cherry Summer Red Maple
Balsam Fir Labrador Tea Sweet Pepperbush
Black Tupelo Leyland Cypress Tamarack
Cardinal Flower Mountain Laurel Tulip Poplar
Cleveland Pear Northern Red Oak Weeping Willow
Cranberry Viburnum Okame Cherry Winterberry
Eastern Red Cedar Pink Azalea Yellow Poplar
Eastern White Pine Royal Empress
Flowering Dogwood Rosebay Rhododendron
Lower Westchester & NYC
Upper Westchester
Fairfield CT
Bergen & Passaic NJ