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Information on Tree, Shrub & Lawn Care

Browse our reference section to learn more about the trees and shrubs in our region, as well as the pests and diseases that haunt them. You'll also find a glossary of terms commonly used in the aboriculture and a compilation of answers to frequently asked questions from our clients.

Plant Directory

If you'd like to learn about any of the trees, shrubs, vines, or grasses on your property, visit our plant directory to learn about their features as well as common insect and disease problems they face.

Insect and Disease Directory

Info about the insects and diseases facing the trees, shrubs, and lawns of our region, including what treatments to control these problems are available. From sap-sucking to wood-boring to leaf-eating, there is plenty to know about insects alone.

Glossary of Landscape Terms

Like anything complex, landscape care has its own jargon. If you're seeking clarity about a term tossed around about one of your trees, take a look at our glossary. You're also welcome to contact one of our arborists for clarification anytime.


Wondering how rain will impact a treatment, or the best time to prune a particular flowering shrub? Our frequently asked question page addresses these queries and many more.

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