Soil & Root Care

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Nutrient deficiency is a gateway for disease and insect problems in plants. Our custom-tailored soil and root care applications increase tree and shrub health, strengthening their natural defenses.

Almstead's fertilization treatment for trees and shrubs enhance soil dynamics with valuable micronutrients and biostimulants, creating a healthier and more ecologically sustainable root zone and promoting root growth. Nutrients and soil amendments are injected directly into the plant's root zone. Some of the nutrients are utilized immediately. However, the bulk of the fertilizer remains in the root zone for future use, providing for a stable over-wintering and full spring development.

Soil Amendments

The fertilizing products we use at Almstead are state of the art. In addition to basic fertilizer (N-P-K or nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium), our arborists prescribe custom blends of organic additives and soil amendments. The balance of these amendments vary depending on the plant type, soil conditions, stress level, and more.

Mycorrhizae root enhancer - These beneficial fungi live in and around the roots of trees and shrubs, serving as a secondary root system, extending themselves far out into the soil. Mycorrhizae extract nutrients and water from the soil for their host tree while living off the tree's sugars. Trees with thriving mycorrhizal root systems are healthier and more robust.

Organic Biostimulants - We utilize a variety of biostimulants, including humic and amino acids, North Atlantic sea kelp extract, natural sugars, vitamins and other organic compounds. Biostimulants aid in the improvement of soil structure, root growth, and the uptake of N-P-K. They increase plant vigor and chlorophyll production, as well as improves heat and cold tolerance.

Benefits of Custom Blended Fertilization

In addition to replenishing the soil with necessary nutrients and soil additives for continued growth and vigor, fertilization treatments provide these significant plant health care benefits:

  • Healthier appearance, growth and flowering
  • Soil aeration
  • Relief from sources of urban stress (salts, construction damage, "hardscapes")
  • Aids in recovery of declining mature trees
  • Repair of damage from drought stress
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