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Fall Lawn Care Services

Fall is often the forgotten season when it comes to lawn care. However, a little bit of care in fall can go a long way towards building a great lawn in spring.


A soil test, to see what’s going on below the surface, is the best first step towards a healthy lawn. These tests range from simple pH and fertility tests to more complex analysis of organic matter and living organisms in the soil. Knowing what goes on beneath the lawn is critical to developing a program that has the best results.


In the Northeast, our lawns consist primarily of “cool season” turf grasses. These ryes, blues and fescues are most active when temperatures are moderate, and moisture is readily available. That makes September through mid-November an ideal time for fertilization.

Overseeding is done directly into existing turf.

Overseeding with the proper seed mix will improve your lawn's quality.

Core Aeration relieves compaction and provides the base for a good lawn.

Fall is also the time to consider overseeding. Incorporating the proper seed mix for your site will greatly improve your lawn’s quality for seasons to come. Overseeding is done by adding grass seeds directly into existing turf. It is an easy way to fill in bare spots, improve the color and density of the turf and make it less susceptible to diseases by adding a variety of hardy grass types based upon the site conditions.


Another impediment to a great lawn is compacted soil. Heavy traffic from general use and maintenance work, like weekly mowing, can lead to the soil becoming compacted. This inhibits root development — resulting in poor turf quality. Core aeration can relieve compaction allowing roots to grow deep and provide the base for a good lawn. The process involves creating small holes in the soil to allow air, water, and nutrients to penetrate the roots of the grass. This is typically performed in conjunction with overseeding.


Topdressing — adding a layer of organic high-grade compost and sand mix before seeding will give the seeds even more soil to grab onto and the right diet to thrive. Compost consists of biological organic matter and contains a full spectrum of essential plant nutrients that will make your lawn healthy and less prone to diseases. Almstead manufactures high quality OMRI certified organic compost (see article on front page).


If you’re leaning toward organic lawn care, fall is the best time to apply organic matter in the form of compost teas and humates. They help build a soil profile capable of supporting a great lawn with reduced, or even eliminated, synthetic fertilizer and pesticide use.


Fall is, therefore, the best time to correct any deficiencies and prepare your lawn for the next growing season. The recipe for a great lawn is quite simple: give the turf what it needs when it needs it. That means proper soil conditions, adequate moisture, good mowing practices, and the control of broad-leaf and grassy weeds.




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