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Tree Care Our Arbor Care division includes a full range of custom tree pruning and shrub pruning services as well as tree removals, stump grinding, tree planting and more. Each tree service is recommended and overseen by a professionally certified arborist. Learn more about Arbor Care for trees and shrubs
Plant Health Care This division focuses on treating shrub and tree insect problems and shrub and tree disease problems utilizing safe and effective controls. Our PHC monitoring service enables our technicians to spot treat for targeted results, rather than relying on blanket spray coverage. Our tree care services include natural, organic products to control insects and diseases. Read more on controlling tree and shrub diseases and insects with PHC
Lawn Care Almstead's lawn services include fertilization, weed control, disease and insect control, seeding, core aeration, and more. Our holistic approach takes the health of your entire property into account. We offer traditional, organic based and pure organic lawn care options. Read about Lawn Care for healthy grass
Organic Care Our organic care services for trees, shrubs and lawns focus on increasing plant health by improving soil biology and on treating disease and insect problems with organically derived controls. We use many scientifically sound, highly effective organic care practices. Read about Organic Care for sustainable landscapes
Consulting Many situations benefit from the knowledge of a consulting arborist. Our team is well versed in large and small consulting projects in hazardous tree assessment, mature tree preservation, construction protection and rehabilitation for trees, and more. Learn about Consulting with certified and licensed arborists
Mulch A trusted local mulch supplier, Almstead produces 100% organic, double-hammered mulch from all natural wood waste in a variety of colors. We also provide on-site wood grinding and removal as well as green recycling container drop off and pick up services. Learn more about Mulch and our green waste recycling services
Ticks & Mosquitoes Diseases carried by ticks and mosquitoes are serious. At Almstead, we understand where these insects are hiding and what conditions they prefer. Our pressurized sprays will penetrate leaf litter where ticks congregate. We also offer effective, organic sprays for ticks and mosquitoes. Learn more about Mosquito and Tick Control
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