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Tree Care

Trees in urban landscapes usually need specialized care to reach their potential and thrive. They require constant monitoring to keep them healthy and free from diseases and pests. It is also important to ensure that they are structurally safe and will not be a source of danger to people or property. Almstead’s Tree Service Division deals with all aspects of a tree care: from planting, pruning, tree risk assessment, cabling and bracing, lightning protection, expert shrub pruning, transplanting, tree removal, and stump grinding.  Most importantly, our services come with the expert recommendations and guidance of a state licensed or ISA certified arborist.


Plant Health Care

Almstead's comprehensive Plant Health Care program is an essential part of managing a landscape successfully. It is  based on pre-scheduled treatments, early detection and preventative care. A technician assigned to each property monitors all the trees and shrubs on it regularly and takes additional action based on thresholds when required.

Lawn Care

Trees and grass require different nutrients to thrive. They rarely coexist in nature. Our approach to lawn care takes into account the health of your entire landscape by drawing on both traditional and organic care methods. We offer three separate comprehensive care programs: Organic Based, Pure Organic, and Traditional.


Let our experts help you determine what's best for your lawn. Our services include: Soil testing, weed control, insect control, lime application, core aeration, over-seeding, top dressing, disease control, and fertilizing.


Lawn care is a science, just like tree and shrub care. For optimal health, both turf and trees require the expertise that only a dedicated professional can provide. Trees and lawns often compete for the same nutrients. It is important to ensure that your lawn does not take nutrients away from trees on your landscape -- trees are much harder to replace than lawns. Our comprehensive care looks at the overall health of the plant species on your property. We monitor the level of macro and micro nutrients in the soil and take action when needed.

Organic Care

Our organic tree, shrub and lawn care programs offer the most natural way for you to have a thriving landscape -- and one that is the safest for your family and pets. Beneficial bacteria and fungi, along with other aerobic organisms, naturally promote root and plant growth and defend against harmful factors in the soil. Human activity damages these natural processes which can lead to highly compacted soil that effectively smothers the aerobic organisms needed for a healthy landscape.


Our organic programs focuses on building healthy soil in your entire landscape using organic products such as compost teas, organic fertilizer, and more. We also loosen the compacted soil around trees and shrubs using a pneumatic excavator called an Air-SpadeTM, and aerate lawns with a core-aerator so nutrients, air and water can flow through more easily. Organic landscapes typically require less pest control. However, when required, we provide organic pest control applications following strict Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) guidelines, using NOFA approved products.

Why Almstead?

At Almstead, we believe that our core values of integrity, customer satisfaction, knowledge, training, and innovation differentiate us from our competitors. Tree and lawn care is a problem-solving business, and the best solution can only come from knowledgeable experts.


Almstead is accredited by the TCIA and our arborists and technicians are professionally trained and certified by the ISA, TCIA, NOFA and state licensing agencies. So, you can trust their recommendations and the quality of their work. As a local company, we are also well-versed in matters that may pertain to your landscape and region. There are always new advances in tree and turf management, and our team participates in extensive training to ensure we deliver the best service possible.


When you choose to do business with Almstead, you are partnering with a company that cares. We are proud to be a part of the communities we service and are active in local events throughout the year. We are always looking for talented people to join our team.

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