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Plant Health Care Services

Almost every problem we deal with starts off on a small scale and can be easily detected by a plant health care expert in its early stages...

At Almstead, we are proud to offer a comprehensive, year-round Plant Health Care program based on preventive care and early detection. Gain peace of mind by trusting our experts to detect and control threats to your trees and shrubs as they arise over the year. We also offer Organic PHC programs which include:

  • Organic fertilizers
  • Organic vegetation management
  • Organic insect pest management
  • Compost tea for disease efficacy and nutrient enhancement

The Benefits

Ongoing scouting visits performed by the same trained and licensed technician throughout the growing season

On-the-spot identification and

treatment of insect, disease, cultural and other ecological or abiotic conditions

Immediate arborist notification when a condition requires further examination

Pre-scheduled soil and root fertilization treatments to strengthen plants’ natural defenses

Treatments for specific seasonal concerns, such as winterburn protection

Safe, eco-friendly and scientifically-advanced

controls for insects and disease

Option of a 100% organic program


Mature landscape trees and shrubs take decades to establish, but can suffer irreparable damage quickly. As arborists, we are frequently called in too late to effectively help trees without taking extreme, and often expensive, measures.


For effective long term landscape care, our arborists often recommend Plant Health Care (PHC) Monitoring programs.  During each monitoring visit, the technician assigned to a property inspects all of the trees and shrubs and spot treats for the conditions encountered as necessary. At the end of that visit, the technician leaves a detailed report of what plant material was treated and for which conditions.


If a problem requires further attention, the arborist is immediately made aware and will propose a solution to the client.


The most critical element of a successful Plant Health Care program is an extensive knowledge of potential threats and appropriate treatments. Almstead’s arborists and technicians are experts in the plant material and related insects and diseases that are local to our geographic



The controls we use for insect and disease problems, combined with our application methods, are both eco-friendly and effective. Moreover, the purpose of our scouting visits is to limit the use of controls to those circumstances where they are truly necessary.


Over the course of a few seasons, your Almstead Plant Health Care technician will develop a thorough knowledge of the landscape and become aware of any potential threats to it. Over time, this will help reduce the number and frequency of controls used.

Soil & Root Care

Nutrient deficiency is a gateway for disease and insect problems in plants. Our custom-tailored soil and root care applications increase tree and shrub health, strengthening their natural defenses.


Each property we work on is assigned a particular technician who builds a familiarity there. We take the time to understand the intricacies and value of your landscape, and we have the knowledge and resources to keep your mature trees and shrubs healthy, safe and beautiful year-round.


Almstead's fertilization treatment for trees and shrubs enhance soil dynamics with valuable micronutrients and biostimulants, creating a healthier and more ecologically sustainable root zone and promoting root growth.

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