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Custom Shrub Pruning

Keep your shrubs looking their best all year round...

Properly pruned ornamental plants look more attractive, grow healthier and more vigorously, and improve the overall value of your property. Pruning also reveals the natural branch structure, prolongs flower production, and improves clearance and visibility on your property. Although pruning is a simple concept, it is crucial that it be done correctly and at the right time.


Almstead Shrub Pruning Services

At Almstead, we offer a customized, 4-part primarily hand-pruning program for your shrub material. Each visit is specifically tailored to address your shrub collection and their individual needs. We can also include to prune perennials as well, if desired.


Early Spring (Mid-March to Mid-April):

At this time, we prune away dead, broken and diseased branches and any winter damage. We also prune to shape each shrub tailored to its species and bloom cycle. Partial list of shrubs to prune: crape myrtle, butterfly bush, barberry, burning bush, viburnum, repeat blooming roses, 'peegee' hydrangea...


Early Summer (Mid-June to Mid-July):

We focus on reducing, thinning, shaping and rejuvenation pruning techniques -- after the first flush of spring growth and flowering of most common shrubs has passed. This is the most significant pruning cycle of the season. Partial list of shrubs to prune: lilac, forsythia, rhododendron, azalea, wisteria, weigela, and select evergreens...











Summer (August to Early-September):

In late summer, we focus on reducing and shaping the second flush of growth, and removing dead, broken or diseased plant parts. Partial list of shrubs to prune: select hydrangea, privet, select evergreens...


Fall (October to Mid-November):

At this time, we focus on select pruning as required for prepping for dormancy. We concentrate on removing dead, broken or diseased plant parts and restoration and rejuvenation pruning to prepare for winter and spring growth based upon species.

Prune It Right!

Pruning shrubs is most effective when it is done by an expert who understands the natural "habit" or shape of the plant (see image), the correct time to prune each particular shrub, and follows proper techniques using the right tools. Almstead arborists and technicians are very knowledgeable about pruning cycles for the various shrubs on your property. We will customize a program that is specific to your landscape which will keep your shrubs healthy and looking good throughout the year.

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