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Organic Services

Almstead’s Natural Approach to Landscape Care

When you think of healthy soil, think about the forest floor. When leaves and branches fall to the ground in the forest, they decompose naturally and break down to “feed” the trees. These soils are teeming with biology and are rich in growth nutrients with almost zero compaction outside the footpath or trail. Contrast this with our urban and suburban landscapes where in most cases leaves, grass clippings and any natural debris of any kind are blown away or vacuumed up, and you can easily see why our soils are in need of supplements to sustain health. The principle of organic care is to establish a well-aerated, biologically rich soil that benefits plants naturally.


The Benefits

Organically active, aerated soil improves overall plant health and vigor

Microorganisms provide trees and shrubs with the nutrients they need as they need them, creating a more balanced, sustainable environment than traditional fertilizers

Compost tea and other treatments are completely safe from the moment of their application, so there’s no need to worry about runoff or exposure

We specifically tailor treatments to the trees and shrubs on your property to ensure the best possible results

The same organic care expert continuously monitors your plant material throughout the season

Compost Teas

Almstead's compost tea treatments provide the vital organisms needed for a healthy soil ecosystem. Brewed fresh daily from locally produced, top quality leaf and twig compost, our teas are concentrated extracts of the beneficial organisms that plants need in the soil.


We add only natural foods that encourage microorganisms to reproduce, such as humates and fish oil. Teas can be applied in three ways, depending on the recommendation of your Almstead arborist: as soil drenches, soil injections or foliar sprays.


After several years of practicing compost tea brewing, our organic care specialists have developed a custom recipe that has proven to be highly effective among the trees in our area.

Air Spading

One of the most effective elements of organic tree care is the elimination of soil compaction, which prevents much-needed air and water from being incorporated into the soil. We use a specialized pneumatic device called an Air SpadeTM to aerate the soil with the least amount of root damage. The Air SpadeTM carefully fractures and blows away the soil from around the roots without damaging them.


Once aeration around the roots is complete, our arborists usually prescribe a selection of custom-blended soil amendments, compost, mulch and compost tea treatments to rejuvenate and sustain microbial life in the soil.


The principle of organic care is to establish a well-aerated, biologically rich soil that benefits plants naturally.

Organic Controls

There are many organic controls available that effectively handle insect and disease problems. We utilize a range of safe and effective natural controls that are OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) approved as part of our organic care program.


The purpose of any plant health care program should be to balance the use of controls with cultural practices, and ultimately reduce the need to rely on the application of controls to sustain plant health. The proper practice of techniques such as planting, watering, mulching, fertilizing, and pruning all aid in creating a beneficial environment for your plants.


Ask your arborist which biorational and organic products will best benefit your property.

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